Who We Are

Experts in trust, custody, and asset servicing, our service is built around professionalism, personal service and rapid response.

We are a forward-thinking institution with a global mindset that caters to institutions, corporations, and high net-worth individuals.

A history of Legacy

There is a lot in the name Legacy Trust Company — it encapsulates the narrative of our success so far and reflects our ability to think long-term while developing solutions that are perfectly aligned to our clients' needs, no matter how complex they may be. Our firm is long-standing, and so are our client relationships.

Incorporated in 1992 as a public company, and chartered under Section 77 of Part VIII of the Trustee Ordinance, our principal place operations in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has an established and robust Trust industry, built on the foundation of the common-law concept of equity and the 1934 Trustee Act. Amendments to the Trustee Ordinance passed in 2013 made Hong Kong even more capital-friendly concerning taxation, estate, and succession planning. With these changes, Hong Kong became arguably the most competitive jurisdiction for asset servicing and trust settlement anywhere on the globe, contributing to the rapid growth of the company.

In 2017, we celebrated 25 years of pioneering forward-thinking ideas and providing our clients with versatile solutions catering to their most significant financial needs. Today, our offices serve clients worldwide, relying on our in-depth industry knowledge and proven expertise. Our global network of employees, agents and partners offer financial protection and asset servicing products and estate planning. These products and services include trusts, custody, pension, and annuities.

Looking to the future, we are devoted to adapting to the ever-changing regulatory environment and being at the forefront of innovation while preserving our clients' legacy.

Our Mission

Never satisfied with status quo, our mission is to be the experts of the ever-changing regulatory world while using the latest technology to be at the forefront of innovation resulting in a profitable business.

Our client values, forged through more than 25 years of service to our clients and our profession, guide our decisions to attain our vision and mission.


Complex client matters require experts who can tackle challenges honestly and directly. We are dedicated to open dialogue and freedom of expression.


As a highly responsive company, we enjoy solving problems with inventive and intelligent solutions. We are open to change, set trends and innovate.


Experienced, rational and results-driven we strive to provide our clients with new approaches and practical solutions during turbulent times.


For each service we deliver, our strategy is to excel, then innovate, then advance. We lead with change instead of following.


It is our goal to nurture collaborative and sustainable partnerships. We're engaging, approachable and always treat clients with respect.


Trust is basis for everything we do and essential for our success. We strive to demonstrate to our clients that the trust placed in us is worth it.

"Great companies are built from great people and great clients. Our values form the roots of our corporate culture, define of how we do business, and reflect the behaviors we encourage in each other. That is how we create sustainable value and we give our very best every day to achieve this."

Vincent Chok — CEO at Legacy Trust Company