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Using a Trust Could Give You Control over Your Estate (Now and in the Future)
Using a Trust Could Give You Control over Your Estate (Now and in the Future)

You can reclaim and keep control over your assets and estate, now and in the future, if you know how to use a trust.

Legacy and BlockPass trial eKYC in Hong Kong
18 February 2019

We have joined up with BlockPass to work out a new way of conducting one of the financial sector’s most vital activities: Know Your Customer.

How to Establish Authority in a Family Enterprise
15 February 2019

In a family-owned business, it can be tough for the next generation to take the reins — or even to take an active part in running the operation.

Why You May Want to Consider Establishing a Trust in Hong Kong
9 January 2019

Hong Kong has long been a favoured destination for families and individuals wishing to preserve and manage their wealth using trusts.

How Is a Trust Different from a Will
How Is a Trust Different from a Will

Everyone has heard of trusts and wills, but the difference isn’t always clear. Both are useful estate planning tools, but while they can be used together to manage different aspects of your estate, they’re not the same. So how do they differ?

What Is the Difference Between a Trustee and a Custodian?
12 December 2018

In this post we’ll clear up what the difference is between a trustee and a custodian, and lay out what each of them does to make a trust safe and effective.

How Asset Tokenization Is Changing the Financial Landscape
How Asset Tokenization Is Changing the Financial Landscape

Asset tokenization is getting significant coverage in the blockchain world - and, tellingly, in the mainstream business and financial press too. But what is it and what effects is it likely to have?

Hong Kong SFC Unveils New Regulatory Framework for Virtual Assets
2 November 2018

On November 1 this year, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission announced new regulations governing portfolio managers and distributors of virtual asset funds.

Are Bitcoin and Ether Considered Securities?
Are Bitcoin and Ether Considered Securities?

Until recently, digital assets were assumed to be outside the scope of traditional financial regulation. But a recent SEC ruling in the USA suggested that some ICO tokens, at least, are securities.

New TCSP Regime in Hong Kong. What Does It Mean?
9 October 2018

In January, the Companies Registry announced that a new licencing regime for trust and companies services providers (TCSPs) would come into force at the end of March.

ICO Investment Scams: How to Spot One (Apart from Due Diligence)
27 September 2018

The hype around cryptocurrencies, and the fact that relatively few people clearly understand their underlying mechanism, makes them a fertile breeding ground for questionable business practices.

Legacy Trust Company Is Now TCSP Licensed Entity
25 September 2018

Legacy Trust Company is amongst the first trust companies to be granted TCSP license.

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